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 Cas & Dylan - View Trailer

Cas & Dylan - View Trailer

 Letterkenny - View Webisode

Letterkenny - View Webisode

Cas & Dylan

Feature Film

A dying Doctor, who plans to check out on his own terms, takes a reluctant detour when he inadvertently winds up on the lam with an 'anything-but-normal' 22-year-old girl.



Status: Released 2015    

Writer: Jessie Gabe                  

Director: Jason Priestley            

Starring: Richard Dreyfuss & Tatiana Maslany



1/2 Hour TV Series

Good ol' boys Wayne and Daryl raise animals and grow crops by day, brawl with meth-head skids, and douchebag jocks by night, and protect their town, traditional values, and hot young sisters all day, every day... with or without (but usually with) a fight.   


Status: Post Production - early 2016 release (Press Release Here)

Writers: Jared Keeso & Jacob       Tierney

Director: Jacob Tierney            

Starring: Jared Keeso


What Would Sal Do? - 1/2 HOUR SERIES

A modern day parable of an entitled underachiever who, for the first time in his life, is challenged to be a good person when he discovers he's the Second Coming of Jesus. 

Status: Post Production - early 2016 release (Press Release Here)

Showrunner: Andrew DeAngelis

Director: Samir Rehem

Starring: Dylan Taylor, Jennifer Dale, Ryan McDonald, Scott Thompson

McMurray - 1 Hour Series

The world's last decent cop sets out to solve a local murder and finds himself embroiled in internal police politics, and out-of-character affair with a younger woman, homicides that could only be set in the oddity of Fort McMurray, and a conspiracy that stretches halfway around the globe. 

Status: Development with CBC

Writers: Jeremy Boxen and Ellen Vanstone

Bad Blood - 1 HOUR SERIES

Based on the best-selling book Business or Blood, Broken is inspired by the true story of mafia boss Vito Rizzuto's downward spiral of avenging his family's murders; a killing spree over 3 continents that spanned 14 months, from the time he was released from an American prison and returned to Montreal, to his suspicious death in December 2013.  

Status: Development with Rogers Media

Writer: Simon Barry with Michael Konyves


Divorce Party - 1/2 Hour Series

When most people in their early thirties are getting married, buying houses, and having kids, these three women are going backwards and getting out of long-term marriages -between the mousy housewife finding her inner vixen, the vixen finding her inner baby (literally), and the former kept housewife finding herself suddenly independent and alone, these three hot messes bind together and discover that divorce may be the best thing that ever happened to them. 

Between Girls and Golden Girls, there are these girls... divorced girls.  

Status: Development with Bell Media

Writers: Jessie Gabe & Linsey Stewart


The Devil You know - 1 HOUR Continuing Drama SERIES

From the critically acclaimed debut-novel by Giller Prize-longlisted writer Elisabeth de Mariaffi, comes THE DEVIL YOU KNOW. For fans of Gone Girl and Broadchurch, THE DEVIL YOU KNOW is a riveting thriller set in the early 90’s about a rookie reporter assigned to the Paul Bernardo investigation, whose memories and personal research into the murder of her childhood best friend bring danger right back to her doorstep. From one of Canada’s most exciting new literary voices comes a spine-tingling suspense, with a strong female focus and point of view, about secrets long buried and obsession that cannot be controlled. 

Status: In Development 

Writer: Karen Walton

Feature Film

ramington's: Men of Steel

After being injured in a suspicious stripper pole accident, a legendary, narcissistic male stripper must learn to expose his heart if he is to regain the Golden Pole Crown he recently loses. 

Status: Packaging 

Writer: Sacha Pavlovic


A dark comedy about a guy who follows the hot girl in school to Africa to help them build a lasting infrastructure - the only problem  is the tribe is not who they seem to be. 

Status: Development

Writers: Matt Hansen & James Schultz


A national competition to design the first "destination shopping mall" in 1970s Alberta, gives the opportunity for a whimsical Polish Immigrant architect-turned-dishwasher the chance to redeem himself and provide for his family. Inspired by true events.

Status: Development

Writer: Sandra Chwialkowska

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